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In regards to the whole "phantom" thing

Due to the fact that Ash is 100% ghost type, his interacting with others is quite a bit different than most characters.

Basically, he can have one of three modes. The most common possibly being his actual phantom form, in which is completely invisible to anyone that cannot see spirits (and if you can, you'll basically just see a translucent version of him but with a blue-ish tinge, like so)

He can make himself visible to anyone, though, but this just makes him noticeable. He still would seem a bit transparent(but at least have more of his colors back), and still be untangible. Being confined to an object is the only way for him to have a solid body and actually appear to be somewhat living again. But can he only be bound to it for a limited time. Also only Marona was able to do this for him so currently this is unavailable for the island, unless there's some new alternative discovered.

Also regardless to any form he's in, you can still as least hear him. He doesn't normally talk too much if he's in his true form though since it does normally freak people out. And yeeeah, not many people like phantoms anyway.

Any questions or concerns about this can be commented here.


Confinement 01

.... Huh, I don't remember there being an island like this before.

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